Water Quality Monitoring & Wastewater Sampling


Lab-Eviron Instruments provide a wide range of water quality monitoring, water quality analysis and wastewater sampling services for river, stream, groundwater, sewer and wastewater. As Malaysia distributor for S::CAN, we have an extensive range of equipment to measure a wide range of parameters. We strive to help businesses and organizations to assess environmental risks, to understand their current performance, and to help them develop effective monitoring systems.

Water Quality Monitoring Services

Lab-Environ Instruments' water quality monitoring services include:


•CSO discharge monitoring
•Effluent & Wastewater sampling
•Flow and Load Surveys
•Instrument maintenance and calibration
•Field monitoring, sample collection and analysis
•Spot & Passive Sampling
•Real-time Telemetry
•Lake, River & Wetland Monitoring
•Flood Warning Systems
•Quality assured data collection and management Data analysis and reporting
•Water Quality Equipment
•Groundwater monitoring equipment and surveys
•Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling
•Groundwater monitoring studies related to quarrying, mining and land filling
•Coastal and estuarine data collection
•Process chemical analysis


Our experienced engineers are at hand to provide a completely independent and professional approach to your water quality monitoring requirements. Our wide-ranging experience of water quality monitoring and wastewater sampling projects allows us to provide the end-user with a total water quality monitoring solution (temporary or permanent) from inception through to commissioning, calibration and maintenance.

Environmental Monitoring Systems & Equipment


Lab-Environ Instruments is an environmental monitoring systems supplier providing fixed and portable environmental monitoring instrumentation for water based environments. We provide complete turnkey solutions which include telemetry/data acquisition and servicing.


We provide total service and support coverage for Malaysia which can include maintenance contracts, servicing schedules and calibration for monitoring networks or standalone instruments.

Commissioning & Installation Services


Lab-Environ Instruments offer extensive installation and commissioning services in Malaysia. We provide comprehensive measurement solutions from an extensive range of the latest measurement technologies. Our engineers only offer 'best advice' and will never compromise the application or required performance with anything other than the best available instrumentation and measurement systems.


We are confident that we can offer a measurement solution regardless of the apparent difficulty of the application.


All technically qualified staff are trained to very high standards. Our engineers are expected to be able to install, commission, calibrate and maintain all equipment supplied.


Our services include:


•Feasibility, design, operation & maintenance of monitoring instrumentation
•On-site servicing and warranty support
•Application assessments
•Product demonstrations
•Maintenance contracts