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The chlori::lyser is a revolutionary pH- and flow-independent sensor for monitoring free chlorine or total chlorine. Its internal buffer electrolyte allows pH-independent measurement between pH 4 to 10+, and its 3-electrode system provides extremely stable readings. High precision is ensured even at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow.

 chori::lyser monitors free chlorine (Cl2 + HOCl + OCl-) or total chlorine ( free chlorine + combined chlorine)

• s::can plug & measure
• measuring principle: amperometric (membrane covered)
• ideal for drinking water
• chlori::lyser™ monitors free chlorine (Cl2 + HOCl + OCl-) or total chlorine (free chlorine + combined chlorine)
• long term stable and lowest maintenance in operation
• replacement of membrane only once a year
• readings stable at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow
• compensates fluctuations of pH in an unmatched way
• pH range from 4 to 10 FCl
• pH range from 4 to 12 TCl
• low cross sensitivity to many surfactants
• cross sensitivities to chlorine dioxide, ozone can be compensated by using readings from spectro::lyser™
• factory zero point precalibrated
• mounting and measurement in flow cell
• operation via s::can terminals & s::can software

"Why do we measure"
When drinking water is disinfected through chlorination it is necessary to continuously control the actual free chlorine level. This is crucial in the first place to ensure efficient disinfection and secondly to prevent regrowth of microorganisms in the finished water. For these two tasks it is necessary to carefully process control
the level of free chlorine, also in order to prevent the concentration of harmful disinfection byproducts that can be formed in the presence of chlorine.

"How do we measure"
chlori::lyser monitors free chlorine - mounted in a flow cell setup. Due to the membrane covered amperometric measuring principle, flow and pH fluctuations of the water do not influence the measurement result. Additionally, the integrated temperature compensation and the special, third electrode completely eliminates potential interferences.